Back at it

I have almost been back a week now and I would like to say so much has been done but that wouldn’t be Africa and I would be lying 🙂 But, we have made some progress and that’s great.

We had a good planning meeting about the type of system and configuration of the massive water system that Oasis Village (the orphanage) will need. Of course I was just planning on coming over and going straight to work as I do every year. Ha. Wrong again. But I think we have some good direction from Seeds Of Hope and we are on track.

We are also making arrangements for a couple side projects at Oasis in order to speed up their process to get the kids in as soon as possible.

We are actually going today to the village that inspired the orphanage into becoming a reality and home for kids and from where the kids will be coming from that will be going there. It has been an emotional time so far going to the site and imagining a bunch of kids running around playing and being loved on. It’s quite overwhelming really to think that Love-Water gets to play a part in that. So, thank you for your support of LW.

On a personal note, it’s been great to be back in Zambia with my friends here and my family. Our adoption doesn’t seem to be any clearer in status but holding our daughter and really processing the act of love we are going through has been amazing. Just to think that there are so many little boys and girls across the globe that don’t have a mommy and daddy to hold them and love them is heartbreaking but awesome for us to be able to do it.

Until next time, we hope this week is amazing for you and us and that we all can live and work towards a better future for our families and those around the world. Be great and do your best!


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