Where did He go?

Long over due but unbelievable how hard to get online. I’m actually preparing this from the plane on my way home. There are some things I am leaving out until the adoption is final and we are home FYI.
When we first arrived we had those few things happen that encouraged us and showed us that God was definitely with us and that He was honoring our steps of faith. Through the misinformation at the beginning of the meetings with Social Welfare to the passing off from one case worker to another four times. From the lying to our face and the “come back tomorrow” to a few things to be talked about later. We did work for our officer because it wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise. How did we get this officer? Every other officer seemed to greet us with smiles when we were in the hallways of this disgusting social welfare building. We spent about 24 hours just sitting in a minivan in a dirt parking lot where drunks, unemployed and disabled people loitered because he told us to. We’ve spent 3 times the amount we planned on for the entire trip in these last 3 weeks. Meanwhile, I hadn’t gotten to do any water work. I was just wasting time there in Lusaka. It seemed as though God had taken a break from looking out for us. What possibly was He doing being silent? Couldn’t he see us in pain? We THOUGHT we were honoring Him by following His plan. We were praying specifically that God would line up everything and make it obvious that He was steering this ship. We prayed specifically that He would choose the perfect caseworker for us, someone who loved the fact that we were here to help the Zambian people in water and through adoption. All the background investigations had already been done previously with the last fostering. There should have been nothing more to do except get us the girls and wait out the time. The first 2 case workers told us to have the father of Sara come in and sign a release paper. If you read previous blogs, you saw that we had to go through some interesting paths to make that happen. When he came in, 3 days later, he wasn’t allowed by the 3rd case worker because “the process is that he signs at the end. Committals are not that big of deal. We just apply and that’s that. You go and pick up the girls.” So we had to literally send the father back with a wasted trip. That worker then proceeded to pass us off to our current case worker. It turned out that our 4th caseworker, low man on the totem pole, was the complete opposite of what we were praying for. He isn’t married. He doesn’t have any children himself. He doesn’t seem to care about the kids at all. In fact, there isn’t a difference between a case worker who deals with battered children, disability payments, financial assistance and adoptions. It’s ridiculous.
Anyways, with all avenues exhausted the final answer from Social Welfare was that Hope was acceptable to pick up but they were flexing their muscle to the very end and stood their ground and wouldn’t allow us to pick up Sara until they investigate the mother’s side of the story. Again, all investigations had been done for the other case BUT because our guy wasn’t on that case he had to do his own investigations. He also said straight to me that he wasn’t going to make the effort to travel that far to talk to the father. They also concocted some rationale that said no matter that no one knows where the mother’s family is, they do have a claim to the child so they investigate. It was all retaliation for talking to superiors. The day they got the approved committals I had met with the head boss and she met with the office boss and our case worker and must have put them under the gun. A few other case workers heard the story and completely disagreed with the way He was handling our case. “The process” has been different for every story we have heard so far. But this was against policy.
So the next morning, after falling asleep and waking writhing with abdominal pains over this, we had a good time of prayer and worship with the family. I decided to pray without ceasing that He would prove himself today and that we would be at peace. We had been waiting for ANYTHING to seem like that was the reason it was going badly. Jace came up to us that morning and told us that he prayed for Gods will just then and he was trusting in God. WOW. That could’ve been enough for me but there was more. Out of a state of complete exhaustion, I threw up one more HailMary. I emailed the US embassy here asking if the documentation we had would suffice for both girls hoping that he would say yes, we would be able to tell that to Social Welfare and we would be good to go. (They were blaming the US side of things as why they were being super cautious with us.) So, we prayed in the van on the way there this morning. I asked to pray with our case worker, surprisingly he said yes. I swallowed my big American sized pride and apologized to him for thinking bad of him, blah blah blah and prayed. Much to my surprise he had no change of heart. haha. We sat in a room while he stalled and ate and talked trying to type out Hope’s discharge papers. During that time I checked my email and was blown away almost to tears.
The embassy worker told us that the US has even more strict regulations on adoptions of children who have living relatives and even stricter regulations regarding single parents. Just being poor isn’t good enough to consider the child an orphan. When I read this I was devastated at first. Then I began to process the whole thing. We believe that God orchestrated this whole dang thing. Both girls had been fostered for 7 or 8 months prior to us but didn’t work out and had to go back in the orphanage. Johanna and I promised we wouldn’t take the girls if there was a chance of that happening again. How could we do it again to them? So now it seemed as though we got a huge red flag that it definitely could happen again.
We reflected on everything. Had we gotten what WE thought was God’s plan we would have had both girls 2 weeks prior. We would’ve gotten to the end of the process and most likely denied a visa for Sara based on the embassy’s rules. Instead of getting the “right” social worker to speed the process through, we got the “right one” who stalled the process and fought against us so hard that it drove us to last resort emailing and finding out that info. It’s just AMAZING how we prayed so hard for what we thought was God’s will and we got His will but it was polar opposite to ours and now we see why it was the way it was. We sure do wish it was less expensive and easier on us but the Bible doesn’t promise that. It only promises that if you trust Him, He will guide and direct our paths. What a lesson in faith for us and our children. God is SO good!
It’s crazy to really see “God’s timing” play out right in front of our eyes
Sorry this kind of rambles, but our last 3 weeks here has completely been full of random thoughts of confusion and dispair so it kind of shows that 🙂
Where did he go??? He was right there!!!


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