Court today!

So, it’s early Friday morning. I can’t sleep. I’m really excited! Steven and Abby will be taking our paperwork to court at 9am!!! Yes, earlier than we expected!! Yay!!
I truly thank God for Abby!!! She has gone above and beyond anything we could have asked or hoped for. We are pretty sure that this is Steven’s first ever adoption. The paperwork would NOT have been finished if not for Abby. She went to social welfare and typed the paperwork for Steven. She said he was not computer savvy at all. They tried to take it to court yesterday, thank goodness. It wasn’t done correctly. The magistrate wouldn’t accept it. I am so glad they tried yesterday, because if they would have waited until today we would have had to wait another weekend to get the girls. God is good! Abby brought us copies and we edited it and she made some other changes. She will take the paperwork this morning to put it on letterhead and take it to court. Please pray that it is excepted. Abby is truly a blessing and we thank God for her!
If all goes as planned then we should have the girls this afternoon!!!! Please keep praying!

Love and prayers,


One thought on “Court today!

  1. Hey guys. that is so awesome to hear. God definitely is working his plan before your eyes…what a sight. please do update and know that we pray for you and this whole situation tirelessly. God is good! we love you and are so excited! Ben, Lindsey and kids

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