A lot and nothing

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. A lot and nothing has happened this last week and a half.

1. No warm fuzzies
2.No paperwork has been given to us
3. No paperwork has been done on our behalf
4. No paperwork was signed by the father
5. No straight answers
6. No girls

LOTS: God is Awesome!!!
1. We have been able to visit the girls
2. The Armstrong Family arrived
3. Paperwork should be done on Thursday
4. Court date on Friday??????

Last Thursday I was really discouraged and my heart was sad. We had met with our caseworker and realized right away we were not going to be his favorite people. The first words out of his mouth were a lie to us and he wouldn’t let the father of Sara sign any paperwork to release her for adoption. Frustrated we left the office, but we were able to have another social worker come and do our home study to get the paperwork done for court on Monday. Well, the paperwork wasn’t finished on Monday so we weren’t able to go to court on Tuesday. Which means we have no paperwork to give to the orphanage to get the girls.

God is Awesome!!!! Thursday when we got home I noticed a woman getting bags out of a safari looking vehicle. I really didn’t think anything of it and went to our cottage to have the social worker look around. Well, little did I know that God had brought us the Armstrong family. God knows just what we need, when we need it! The Armstrong’s are a family of 6 from Washington state. They have 3 boys and a beautiful zambian daughter. They are just finishing their adoption-Which has gone smoothly and quickly. They have been such an encouragement and wealth of information! Jace is loving playing with the older boys and Lola is having a blast with the younger two. God is so good! We have been able to sit in the courtyard and watch the kids play and chat about the process of adoption and get to know each other. It’s neat to watch their family and see what our family may be like in the future.
This morning in devotions I read Ecclesiastes 7:8- ‘The end matter is better than its beginning, patience is better than pride.’ We met with Steven, one of the social workers, yesterday. The meeting went better than expected. Thank you God!!! He was nice to us and smiled and tried to explain why everything was taking so long. He said he would have the paperwork for court finished by Thursday. We hope that is true. If the paper work is finished then we will go to court on Friday at 2:00 our time. We’re not to excited about going to court on Friday because if things don’t go as planned we’ll have to wait another weekend before we get the girls. God knows and He has a plan. We’ll just pray and see how this all plays out.
We have been able to visit the girls a few times. Yay! It was amazing and sad at the same time. Hope has been very quite, but each time we come she has been a little more talkative and smiles every once in a while. She enjoys reading books and coloring with us. When we tell her we are leaving she will wring her hands or ours if she is holding them. Sara was very friendly from the first visit. She really likes to play with Jace and laughs at him. She’ll call his name to come and play with her. She cries when we leave. My heart hurts when we leave and I can’t wait until they get to come ‘home’ with us. Please pray for that time. Please pray that it is a smooth transition and a happy time. I can’t imagine what they will be thinking and feeling-leaving with people they hardly know. Please pray that they have a peace and an understanding that we want to love them and make them a part of our family.
Thank you so much for your prayers! We really appreciate them.
love and prayers,


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