Not a chance!

I would like to go a little deeper into the meeting of Evans at the market.
So, a local Zambian girl, Abby, was recommended to us from a family who has made this journey previously. We have been in contact with Abby for months and have now spent much time with her. She is our local “expert”…so we thought. Knowing we would have to wait thru the weekend, we would have thought that she would have told us about that market that was held down the road at the local mall parking lot. We have walked there everyday so far for something to do. She, however did not mention it.
We just happened to meander over to it in the afternoon. We thought how cool it was that we stumbled upon it. Maybe 60 vendors had booths set up with all sorts of very standard tourist items and some with custom handmade items. We had some other stuff to attend to in the mall so we finished that before we began to look through the booths. We sort of took our time and spent almost every last dime. Looking back I made one last little stop at a booth that “for some reason” caught my eye. I spent several minutes “randomly” looking through some old country coins. I found a few American nickels and pennies that made me chuckle. I found a few pretty neat African coins no longer in print as well. Either way I have never bought anything like that before and i didn’t that day either. BUT… after I had finished looking and we proceeded to the grocery store is when we “by chance” walked right by Evans. Now mind you, we were in a random market we didn’t know about, we previously only knew Abby and Evans who lived in Lusaka, Lusaka is a population of a couple million, Evans hadn’t even planned on attending the market until the last hour to meet co workers, simply that is amazing but what happened the next day is more amazing.
We arrived in Lusaka on faith God was in control. We had no transport from the airport, but Abby came through. We had no place to stay, but Abby came through. One other big key to the adoption process here is a lawyer to file court hearings and finalize the process at the end. We didn’t have lawyer either. Well, wouldn’t you know, Evans’ wife is a very powerful attorney here with a well known firm. He passed along their info and we met with an attorney the next day. It gets better!
After meeting with the attorney and sharing our mission and hearts with him, he was seeing how because of our “noble cause” that the firm could represent us Pro Bono and only have us pay court fees. AMAZING!!!! We had not come with a lawyer planned because the previous families really couldn’t recommend their lawyer because of lack of confidence in them after paying them thousands of US dollars. So, what an amazing God we serve.
We just looked at each other, held back the tears of joy and thanked God for once again showing us that we ARE doing His will and that He is in control and He deserves all glory. It is NOTHING that we can do. Praise Him!!!



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