Seriously… HOLY COW!!!
I met with the only person on the face of this Earth (LITERALLY) that could locate Saras father, today. We talked a bit of his story and how Sara became an orphan. Her mother died around childbirth. The mother’s family walked away from the father and left him in care of Sara by himself. The father himself was a poor and very sick man always in and out of the hospital and couldn’t care for her. Recently he had moved far away from Lusaka and was unable to phone. Social Welfare would have never found him!
Our friend then told me what she would have to do to go and bring him to town in order to sign over the rights to Sara. She had to take a bus a few hours away to meet a taxi. She then would take a taxi to a far off intersection where she would then proceed by cow pulled cart through farmland to where the father was staying. She would have to stay the night out in the country and come back in the morning the same way she went out but with the father in tow. We have been praying that everything works out fine and that the father can meet with Social Welfare this morning and we would be able to go get the girls today or tomorrow.
Another process that God is showing us that He is control. Who would have thought cow travel is still a valid means of transportation. haha

While we have almost been here a week and without seeing the girls, it has been a nice time just hanging with our little family here in Africa before it all changes. I have been a little underimpressed with the system here but maybe it’s ok 🙂



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