Another early morning

It’s 12:39 am Monday, July 9. I’m the only one up now. Which makes me very happy. So to catch you up on our weekend:
1) we have no Internet anytime, ever!
2) Jace is feeling better
3) God is awesome!

We had a fun family day on Saturday. We went to watch Madagascar 3 at the “arcade” (an outside mall). Loads cheaper then in the states. We tried to get the little thing that is suppose to give us Internet to work, but no such luck. We went to the store to try and find food for Jace. We came home with frosted flakes which cost us $5.00. I’m not talking the family size, jumbo box. Just a regular small box. I’m amazed at some of the pricing here. A roll of paper towels was right around $5.00 and so was a child’s sweatsuit. I think I have found a substitute for my “meningitis pills’. Which I have ‘meningitis’ again because of sleeping in the airplane seats. They are cream filled biscuits and they are only about 30 cents for 8! I think I will be stocking up before I come home. The power went out again on Saturday night. It was only for about 1 1/2 hours. It was right as I was about to put the pasta in the pot for dinner. Thank goodness I hadn’t put it in yet. We ended up eating the box of frosted flakes for dinner. Lola loved it. She’d eat cereal for every meal if I’d let her. I won’t let her because I would want to eat it with her and I can’t. Speaking of which eating Paleo isn’t really happening here in Africa. After our dinner we played games and then I gave everyone NyQuil and cough medicine.
It worked! Everyone slept through the night. Lola woke up at the crack of dawn, but drew until I said we could get up. The boys didn’t get up until after noon. I think we are finally caught up on sleep. We hung out around the house for a bit then headed to the arcade. We tried to figure out the Internet again, but she told us we should have it Monday. We’ll see. We had a great lunch at the ‘food fair’. Jace actually ate, YAY!! After lunch we walked through the market that was in the parking lot. They make such beautiful bowls and spoons. It was fun to look at everything.
As we were leaving the market Jake saw the only person that we know who lives in Lusaka. Jake and Paddy met Evans their first trip. We didn’t have anyway to contact Evans and planned on asking people at SOHIP for his information. Jake looked up and there he was. Evans wife is a lawyer. We need a lawyer. He wasn’t suppose to be there, but someone from SOHIP had asked him if he’d go with him. We chatted a minute and he gave us his contact information. Thank You God! We were a little worried about finding a lawyer. We wanted one that was honest and knew what they were doing. His wife is in the States now, but he said he’d set us up with her partners. It is so awesome how God works!
After that the kids and I had lime ice cream and Jake went to an Internet cafe to check stuff out.

So this is what we hope happens on Monday:
1) we get the paperwork to get the girls and a social worker is able to go with us to pick them up
2) we are able to find sara’s father and have him sign a paper
3) we speak with a lawyer and they aren’t way expensive And are knowledgable about adoptions
4) we make it to the embassy

I know my girls are praying for us and I am so thankful for that. It’s hard not to be able to text and share what’s happening and ask for prayer. Thank you ladies for your love, support and prayers!!! You mean the world to me!

Love and prayers,


3 thoughts on “Another early morning

  1. Thanks to Katie J. I found your blog! Love reading all the details! Praying! Miss you all! Excited for the family and path God is leading you!xoxo

  2. Good to hear from you guys, kids are missing your two very much. Keep us up to date, enjoy reading all about it! You all are an inspiration to us!! Thoughts and prayers for all of you.

    The Kelmansons

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