And We’re Off

So we are on the airport bus to fly away and begin this amazing journey. There has been Sooo much God stuff happen to even get us to this point. We will share soon.
Some of our goals for this trip are thee following:
1. Complete funded projects- 1 well and 10 family biosand filters.
2. Raise awareness through photos and video in order to generate more funding. I will come back in Aug and hope to bring back more funding to do more projects.
3. Connect with other orgs over there to work together in the future. Connect with orphanages to help.
4. Further develop the sewing program we helped with last year.
5. Work on a more personal connection to donor involvement. We want to GPS specific locations of funded projects.
6. Serve SOHIP and complete projects for them.
7. Complete this little adoption thing. Haha.

How you can get involved-
1.Please please please be praying for us.
2.We aren’t really asking for financial support of our adoption but we could still use help covering our travel expenses for the trip to complete the water projects. That support is tax deductible when donated to Love-Water. You can go to our website and donate online or send a check.
3. As mentioned the water crisis never stops. We are amazed that we can play a small part in Gods plan. If you would like to partner with us you can donate through the above avenues. I am going
back to Zambia end of September and want to take back more funding to do more projects. So if YOU want to leave a mark on this world, let’s just do it.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for all to come. Pass along the link so others can read too.

Love you all.
In His Grip,
Jake Sherley



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