We’re Here!!!!

We’ve made it! It’s 3:05 am Saturday morning. I’m laying in bed with Lola because both kids woke up this morning at 2:22 and were hungry. So, I decided that this was a good time to record some of the memories we’ve made so far.
1) Flights: They went great! Kids loved having their own tv. Most of us slept a good portion of each flight (Jake, not so much). Best of all- no one got sick ( this was my fear). All flights were on time and all the baggage arrived when we did.
2) We met Abby: She met us at the airport with a van to take us and all 8 suitcases to our guest house. She arranged our lodging and our transportation. She has helped with so many things and knows where all the offices are and who’s in each office.
3) Department of Child Services: WOW! I would love to take a picture and show just a bit what it’s like. You can’t take pictures of government buildings so that won’t be happening.
4) Lodging: We were up-graded to a ‘cottage’. It has 2 bedroom, a bathroom, a large kitchen and a large living-room. It gives the kids more room to be kids and we don’t have any neighbors. It’s pretty expensive so we hope to head to Ndola or find a cheaper place.

We arrived Thursday, July 5th at 12:30 pm. Abby picked us up and we dropped off our luggage. Then we headed straight to social welfare. It wasn’t what I expected for the governments head offices for the Department of Child Services. I knew not to expect anything like ours, but oh my! We went between two offices in two separate buildings. The buildings were far enough apart that you needed to drive between them. We visited each building twice and finally spoke to someone the last time who said we need to speak with someone from the other building that was in a meeting. We finally got ahold of him by phone and set up a meeting for Friday morning at 9am.
We had spoken with him last week and hoped that everything would be ready for us to pick up the girls. Didn’t happen. He found our paperwork as we sat there. That made me happy. He explained what he need to do next and told us to come back Monday at 10. Then someone can take us to the orphanage with a letter. We are hoping and praying that he wrote the letter and gave it to whoever he needed to. We were disappointed, but God’s timing is better than ours.
When we arrived back at ‘our house’ Jake went and spoke with the owner and we were upgraded to a cottage. Thank You God! I was a bit worried about six of us in a small room, but God worked it all out-better than I could have imagined. He is good!!
So now we have the weekend to get our clocks right and get settled in our new ‘home’. We are now able to cook which is an answer to prayer. Jace is having a ‘funny tummy’. He hasn’t eaten much and he hasn’t gotten enough sleep. He misses his Papa a lot and wants him to come over. I thought Lola might have a hard time. I really didn’t expect Jace to already have a hard time. I’m hoping once he gets food in his belly and his sleep schedule right he’ll be back to normal.
I guess I’d better stop and try and get these kids back to sleep.
Love and prayers,


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